Monday, November 3, 2008

A Room to Call his Own

Well done is better than well said. ~Benjamin Franklin

Back in February, when I was informed that I had the winning bid on Argo, my eyes surveyed the landscape outside my window, frozen tundra period, not very conducive to building anything. I knew in my mind what needed done, but with 'Ole Man Winter bearing down, and Argo being a surprise to my husband, I figured it best to wait until the weather was more conducive to a building project. Well February, rolled into March and then quickly fell into April.

Since August '07, the club I belong to, the PNHA, Inc., had been planning a huge event for the Western Pennsylvania area, called the Horseman's Extravaganza that was set to for the end of April '08. I was very involved with the planning of this event, and it literally took up most of my time, coupled with caring for my father who was battling cancer, and had moved into my home, caring for my children, husband, horses and business, life was just a tad hectic. I truly believe my husband; Jeff had felt I had abandoned him. He also during the month April was busy installing new hardwood floors in my living room and dining room as well as painting those rooms.

In May, I pleaded with Jeff that I needed a shed built inside the round pen. He of course gave me an incredulous look of exasperation. For months, he had dealt with a wife in mourning over the loss of her father, who threw herself into planning a huge event and hid in her barn daily from early in the morning till late at night, to keep from totally coming unglued at the seams and falling into a depression like she had never known. To say he was miffed was a huge understatement. I had not been easy to live with over the past 9 months. He did his best with the short amount of time he had and built Argo a very temporary shelter. I tried my best to be as pleased as possible for his effort, but the look on my face and of course the words that came out of my mouth were not kind. He promised me to build something better. I immediately said "When?!!?" Jeff said "Soon." I kept nagging all summer long. Jeff took a new job that takes him out of state Monday thru Friday and leaves him a day and a half on the weekends. He just kept saying "Soon." Well, push came to shove and "Soon" finished up this past weekend. Jeff, Zared and a friend Jerry erected a very nice 3 sided wood shed for Argo to call his very own. He has light panels installed along two sides, to let in natural light, so it is not dark. He has his own, real wall feeder, instead of a feed tub on the ground, and best of all, I have a gate on the front of his shed, so that Argo and I can really begin working together. For months, it has been on his terms, which is what he needed. He needed to know he could walk away when he felt confined; he also needed to know that I was not a threat, and all this time he has worked out in his head that he has a routine and I believe he enjoys it. Now though, he is hopefully going to learn to accept me in a new way. I am excited and yet cautious as he and I take yet another step in our journey.

The finished product! Thank you guys so much. Now just to convince Argo it's safe to go in.

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