Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Playing Catch Up

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things. ~Robert Brault

I apologize for the huge lapse in posting. Life has been … busy to say the least. A lot has happened in my life the past few months and unfortunately it does not appear it will get much better any time soon. I have attended a few clinics, show season went into overdrive and my young reining colt, Dell, received a nasty injury to his hock that almost caused his demise. Dell is now 9 1/2 weeks into his recovery and has had to remained tied in his stall the whole time. What a trooper. Finally, my family and I are moving. My husband's job is moving us to the state of Indiana. This is a major upheaval for us. I will quickly update Argo's life thus far… I will expand on these more in the days to come.

  • Argo's lead rope came off. The rope just disintegrated. At first I was worried about it, but it has not changed anything in how we interact.

  • Flash and Argo have become best friends. They were grooming each other through the round pen panels daily. Such a neat thing to watch.

  • I decided to open the round pen gate to allow Argo the entire paddock. I was concerned he was beginning to lose muscle tone. It took him almost two weeks to finally realize he could just walk out. Now that he has, Flash has lost his turnout with his buddy. I'm not ready to chance putting them together just yet.

  • We are rapidly working on upgrading Argo's shelter so that I can confine him a little better and get him more comfortable with me in a smaller space.

  • Argo still will come to us as long as it is on his terms. He still will eat out of our hands and even allow us to scratch on his cheek.

  • He is still amazing to watch. Now that he has the whole paddock, he enjoys running around as he watches my lesson students ride in the outdoor arena. He is quite breathtaking.

  • Gnats and Argo do not get along. Next spring he will go on Palatec to eliminate the itchiness. Do to rubbing and itching, he has lost a good portion of his mane. He is still gorgeous though.

  • Argo is dealing with the season changing into fall and too quickly into winter. I think he is thankful and wondering why he has not seen snow yet.

    Argo enjoying all the grass in the paddock.


water_bearer said...

So glad to hear that you're back. So sorry to hear that there is so much upheaval in your life, however. I hope Dell continues to improve and I look forward to hearing more about Argo and seeing new pictures. What part of Indiana are you moving to? Near Indianapolis? Northern? Southern?

Chris said...

Love the quote at the start of this post.

Sounds like a very busy time for you! Here's hoping your boy Dell will improve at a more rapid pace for the rest of his journey back to health!

Argo looks gorgeous and sounds it with the way you enjoy him so much.

20 meter circle of life said...

Thanks for coming by 20 meter. I just quick read your blog. I grew up at the base of the Steens Mountains and watched the Kigers everyday of my life. I was actually hoping to find a Kiger, but then I met Abu and it was ment to be. When the herd grows beyond 2 there will someday be a Kiger in the field. The saw the picture of Argo in the Burns BLM yard. I know it well. They are a breath taking animal. I will try to get caught up on your blog over the weekend. Have an womderful day

SkyBar Farm said...

Thank you all for the well wishes for Dell, and the encouraging words. The move will ne west of Indianapolis. Not sure exactly where yet.