Monday, May 19, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away

I am convinced Argo thinks I have brought him to “Rain Hell”.

It has rained since Thursday. First it will pour and then the sun will come out blazing, then the clouds will move in again and it will rain some more. Just as I think the ground may start to dry out, it downpours yet again.

Pennsylvania is known for its clay dirt and it takes forever to dry out. With the temperatures being below normal the past few days and no hope of seeing 70 until maybe Friday, the ground will be muck and mud all week.

Poor Argo, I know he has spent time in the rain, and I don’t want to wuss over him. The BLM people told me to make sure not to spoil him, but good grief the weather will just not give this poor guy a break.

Even in the rain though, Argo stands regal and proud.

Waiting for the sun to maybe peek out and and warm his back.

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