Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Day in the Life

Argo and I are getting into a routine which is good. I bring his hay to him 4x a day and each time he acknowledges me with a “blow”. Each time the blow is a little later in coming and a little less in strength. He gets a little closer to me each day. Of course it could be he would just like to eat sooner as opposed to waiting for me to leave. We are at about a 4-5 foot distance away from each other currently. I have been told to let him come to me, so I respect this and am just happy with him getting comfortable with me being in the pen with him. How I long for the day to just feel his coat underneath my hand, and to be able to stroke his face. I am being patient though at letting him decide when that will be. Patience has never been one of my strong suites, as my husband and children have so often told me. So this is good. No one probably thought a horse would be the one to teach it to me though.

I am still just mesmerized by his movement. He is about 15.1 in height, but his bone is huge, but it does not make him look clunky, it fits him. It is part of what makes him so impressive. He is like a horse from my dreams as a child. The horse that the prince rides in on to save the princess, only Argo is better. Okay, I’m becoming snobby. I’ll work on toning that down.

A friend who owns several Kiger Mustangs sent this to me.

She wrote it several years and dedicated it to all Wild Stallions.

A Stallion's Song

His mane and Tail
billow in the wind
as a flag of freedom
which rules his heart within.

He hears the thunder in the sky.
The range calls out his name
to dance that wild dance of freedom,
hoof pounding earth,
and then again
as the dust rises up to follow him.

His band is his prize
won over time
from battles fought and lost
by others of his kind.

Wearily watching
for that fateful day shall come,
the day of challenge
to never be denied.
Yes, another shall come
to take away his prize.

Aged and wise,
scarred from the battles of life,
his purpose lies deep within,
to preserve his kind
till the end of his time,
when another shall conquer him.

Melissa Scott
Dec. 10, 2001


MudRanch said...

Hi Kara,

I saw your post on the Kiger Board and also was / is an admirer of Argo. Congratulations on adopting him and I look forward to following your blog... I've added your link to my blogroll. :D


SkyBar Farm Blog said...

Thank you Joan. Every day is a new experience with Argo, so I have no fear of not having something to write about for some time.