Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mountain Lion Barn Cats

I have become so ingrained in my habits with horses over the past 27 years that I have fallen into a routine, as have most of the horses I have known. Routines can be bad though as my family and friends can tell you of my minor/major issues I have had over the past few years, with a few horses and my knees.

Mundane things like barn cats running around my feet anticipating a scratch or food is part of barn life right? Well not to Argo. I knew the dogs would look like a threat to him, that was obvious, but barn cats? Who would have thought?

I went out to his pen this morning with his hay and the cats were following me like dogs would follow their master. I never gave it a thought. I placed his hay down, and I watched his attention divert from the hay to something else, I turned to look, and it was the cats, which had followed me into the pen. I had to laugh and giggle. Argo has probably experienced mountain lions of some sort I’m sure, but to see the look on his face and the very loud “blow” he made at the barn cats, was just priceless.

I could just imagine the thoughts racing through his head. “OMG their not the size of a mountain cat and their claws can’t rip like a mountain cat. Maybe their baby mountain lion cats and have just not grown up yet.” I didn’t know what to expect him to do next, so I cautiously moved back towards the gate, the whole time talking to him softly, until he diverted his attention back to me and he gave another loud “blow” as to alert me to the baby mountain lion barn cats because obviously I was not aware of the danger in front of me. I told him again softly it was okay. Now mind you, the cats were totally oblivious to the potential danger they were in, and they slowly milled around and out of Argo’s pen as I went through the gate. I think Argo was totally exasperated at the fact that the cats were following me. Again, the look on his face was priceless. I kick myself for not having the camera. The cats quickly tired of the paddock that Argo’s pen is in and went off in search of field mice. It was not until then that Argo relaxed and went to his hay.

I just stood there watching him for a few more moments reminding myself that routines will not do Argo or me any good when it comes to things that I tend to take for granted. Maybe I should put a post-it note on my forehead reminding me of that little tidbit.

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