Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Was Sleeping Here...

I am just giddy with excitement.
I went to take Argo out his midday meal yesterday and I expected to see him standing looking at the girls up on the hill and what I found was him laying down. Not flat out, but with his legs curled underneath him and his muzzle resting on the ground. I immediately panicked thinking something was wrong, so I started softly saying his name. “Argo….Argo…. Hey honey, you okay?” No response.
Now I’m really worried. I raised my voice more and said “Argo!” He looked up at me nonchalantly as if to say “What? Can’t you see I’m sleeping?’ He slowly got up, no big rush, and just stood there looking at me with his hay down on the grass at my feet. He moved over to where I place his hay usually and looked back at me like “Well are you bringing it in or what?”

With my heart back in my chest, I thought of what this meant. I truly did not expect to see him lay down for a nap this soon. I figured he would not trust the environment enough to be able to do so. So, I feel Argo thinks the farm is safe enough and he is comfortable enough to risk the possible danger of laying down for a short snooze.

Sorry Argo. I will try not to interrupt next time.

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