Saturday, January 31, 2009

Argo is a Steelers Fan Too!

"I hated putting on that purple uniform, and I hated that raven bird. What really ticked me off is when we played Pittsburgh our whole stadium seemed to be filled with Pittsburgh fans." Tackle Orlando Brown, on playing in Baltimore for Art Modell's Ravens (1999).

Now you didn’t honestly think Argo would have been a Redskins Fan or worse yet a Brownies Fan did you? Nope he is definitely a Steelers Fan.

He even got dressed up for the day. His favorite Steeler is Troy Polamalu, he said they have the hair thing in common. He asked me to color his hair so there would be no mistake as to who he would be rooting for.

Argo and I know that Pittsburgh is destined to win. This is Super Bowl 43 and his favorite player is number 43.

He lives in Steelers Country what did you expect?

He asked me to post his favorite Troy Video.

"The tradition of the Pittsburgh Steelers is in winning and in playing good defense ... We’re proud to be a part of the Steeler Nation and we don’t want to let that Nation down." Dick LeBeau, Pittsburg Steelers Defensive coordinator


Grey Horse Matters said...

Good luck Argo! I'm sure they have it in the bag. Maybe you could get a Steelers jersey to go with your paint job.

BeadedTail said...

Argo, you certainly are quite the steelers fan! Love the yellow and black hooves!

Thanks for the comment on my blog today! Sadie does look a lot like your dog so she could have some Elkhound in her. All of your dogs are handsome - and of course Argo is too!

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

I take it you are very happy this morning! At least it was a good game. I didn't know horses were into football.

Linda said...

Well, they won--it must have been because Argo was rooting for them! Who wouldn't be inspired by his great Steelers outfit?!? :)