Friday, December 12, 2008

Breakfast is Served

All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast. ~John Gunther

Mini goal achieved! Argo is really starting to enjoy the idea that I hold his breakfast up for him. Actually, I think he is enjoying it a little too much.
Humm..., it smells like breakfast.
It tastes like breakfast
Wait... I feel a thumb scratching me while I'm eating breakfast.

A content Argo after breakfast


water_bearer said...

Congratulations. That's awesome.

Holly said...

Very good. Food is a primary reinforcer, that is what makes it so good to utilize as a reward for appropriate behavior.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm sure he liked being scratched as an added bonus to his breakfast. He's adorable.

SkyBar Farm said...

Water_bearer~ thanks for the encouragement.

Holly~ Thank you. Argo loves his food and seems to be more willing to try new things if he knows there is a reward at the end.

Grey Horse Matters~ He is really enjoying the scratches. Thank you.