Friday, November 7, 2008

One Year Ago…

Sometimes even to live is an act of courage. ~Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Letters to Lucilius

Happy Birthday Argo! I have made November 7th Argo's Birthday. This date represents so much. Even though he had already been gathered the month before and his world had been turned upside down, he had courage to survive the un-survivable. As of today, Argo is 18.
The Kiger Adoption weekend started in Hines, Oregon, November 7th, 2007. Approximately 125 Kiger Mustangs were available for adoption. Argo was there, waiting, watching, and being the quiet, soulful Kiger Mustang that he is.

This is Argo, shortly after he was captured in October.

Argo during the adoption in November, thank you Angela for the picture.

Argo was the oldest Kiger offered for adoption. The next oldest ones were 7 years old. Argo was the only gray. The rest were Duns, Grulla, a couple Bays and Black.
95 Kigers were adopted that weekend. The starting bid on all the horses was $125. The highest bid on a Kiger was $7,800. Those 95 Kigers sold for a combined dollar amount of approximately $95,000. The average price would have been around $1000. The 16 Kigers that were not adopted were offered on an internet adoption in January 2008. There were a few Kigers that were also gathered, but not available for adoption due to health reasons. All 16 horses that were offered on the internet adoption were adopted. Argo was not offered in that adoption. He was by then considered a Sale Authority Horse.

Argo in December.

Argo in May once he arrived here in Pennsylvania.

Here is Argo today.

Argo was offered up in a special Email bid in February. The people at the Burns facility saw something special in Argo that a lot of people missed in November. His structure was the same as it was after the gather, structure never changes, just flesh. In fact, you can see his excellent conformation in the picture after his capture. His strong hip, short pasterns, great neck set and beautiful slope to his shoulder.
I still feel strongly about the fact that he should never have been gathered, only because he was gathered for the wrong reasons. Greed and money, is what I believe, forced his capture. Ron Harding who was influential in the protection of the Kiger herds had often called Argo, "Baby" as a youngster, and had stated that he should never be gathered and offered for adoption. He felt strongly that Argo had characteristics that needed to be passed on to future generations of Kigers, regardless of his color. It was thought for years that he was a claybank, but even when it was realized he was gray, he stayed with the herds. Ron Harding unfortunately is no longer with the BLM. I believe if he had been, Argo would have never been gathered and offered for adoption.

Through Argo, I have met some of the most dedicated and amazing horsemen and women, I am truly thankful for them. Some I have never met in person, only through e-mails or over the phone, have we conversed, but their dedication to the horse shines through. Keep inspiring others to stay on the true path.

I am thrilled though, given Argo's options, that he found his way to me. The journey that he and I have embarked on is one like I have never experienced. I have never before owned a Mustang, let alone one who had been in the Wild for 17 years. He has shown me a side to myself that I had never known was in me. He has taught me patience, perseverance, spirit, and protection. His voice has become my voice. The wild mustangs all over the Western States have no voice, save for the dedicated people who truly appreciate their spirit, not the ones who bicker and fight and will continue to scam and lie and tell half truths to the unsuspecting person who only wants to realize the dream of holding the lead rope of a living legend as it steps off their trailer and into their soul.


Anonymous said...

"I am thrilled though, given Argo's options, that he found his way to me."

So am I!!!! It's been a "journey" since Feb. 14th that even I wondered if "this" was really right for you. For those that do not know, I am the person that introduced Kara to Kigers through my two, Mystic and Titan. Kara, your words still verbate through me - "They are beautiful, intelligent, I really admire them but I do not think I could own one." Be careful what you say!!! Like most Kiger owners already know... they're like Lays Potatoe Chips... it's hard to have only one!

All kidding aside, you and Argo are perfect together. And you are right, he has taught you patience, perseverance and persistence all of which has taken you beyond your comfort zone developing you as a horseman even futher than you knew possible.

I dread the day that you, your family, your beautiful AQHA horses and Argo leave to make your new home in IN.


Cheryl said...

He is beautiful! I just found your blog this morning. I don't have a Kiger mustang, but I have two little BLM fillies from Salt Wells Creek, Wyoming! Where are you in PA? Hubby was born in Meadville, near Erie.

SkyBar Farm said...

Good Luck with you're mustangs I'm north of Pittsburgh near Kittanning. My BIL lives in Cochranton, very close to Erie.