Sunday, June 15, 2008

Quiet Sentinel

Well, it has been one month since Argo stepped off of the trailer and into my heart. So many emotions have come over me in that time. I still have thoughts that the BLM should have left him on the Riddle HMA. I don’t want anyone to misunderstand that I am not thrilled to have Argo with me, I am, but I can’t help but wonder what captivity will do to Argo’s spirit. I never saw him in the wild, so I can’t say with certainty that it has or will change, but I have been told by several people that he eluded capture in previous gathers, what does that mean to him?

He has adjusted extremely well to his life here with me. He waits at the gate for me to bring his hay, he quietly watches me clean his pen and scrub his water barrel. He follows me at a distance wondering what I will leave behind for him.

I sit with him in the evenings as it has become “our” time. I am slowly planting the seeds of trust with him. I don’t know how long it will take, but I am patient.

I can’t help but think though what it would have been like to see him on the Riddle HMA. Was he a fierce protector of his herd of mares? Was he a leader to the herd or did he let the mares do the work? I suspect the answers would be yes, he was the protector and he was a leader to his family. I have looked into his eyes and I know there is a rich history there. I think he has cried over loss and enjoyed quiet times and simplicity, as well as enduring the never ending struggle to survive.

So where does this leave Argo? I would like to think he is satisfied with his life. He doesn’t have to travel several miles a day for food and water. He has the company of Zachary, the little sorrel pony, who is the closest in distance to him. He watches the comings and goings around the farm. He has a strange woman who comes in several times a day, she talks to him and sits and watches him. Sometimes he shows interest in what is happening around him. Usually, he is a quiet sentinel, watching and taking it all in.


Anonymous said...

Hi Skybar,
It was on the Kiger HMA that I encountered a grey stallion, so it wasn't your guy but I thought you might be interested to hear the story. We were camped out on the HMA and I got up and heard horses. Sure enough there was a large herd about 1/2 mile away. With binoculars I watched them as two young stallions spared, playing mostly. Then a big grey stallion saw me and alerted the herd. He watched for a bit then came out to challenge me. He was doing his biggest power trot with ears pricked, neck arched and tail high, knees lifting and feet pounding the ground. I was thrilled, but cautious as I watched him come toward me. I peeked over the top of the binoculars to make sure I knew how close he was getting. On he came and at about 25 yards I turned and walked away. Glancing over my shoulder at 10 steps I saw that he had accomplished his purpose and had turned back to the herd. I couldn't help myself as I walked back to watch him. When he reached the herd he saw me watching, gave a loud blow and took the herd at a fast trot off up the hill and into the trees. I'll never forget him.

Tracey said...

Glad to have found Big Gray out here in blogland! We saw him at the adoption and he's a lovely old boy. Darling really would have liked him, but with a barn full of mares I figured we were better off without :)

I've got some photos of him, though, and even had one made into an online puzzle. I think I may have posted it on my photo blog...

Looking forward to keeping up with Argo (great name!)

SkyBar Farm said...

I would love to see any pictures you might have. What year was it that you were at Kiger. I was told that Argo had been on the Kiger HMA at one time. You can email me privately if you like.

SkyBar Farm said...


Neat pictures on your blog. I loved the puzzle. Do you have any other pictures of him from the corrals? I would be interested in possibly purchasing them from you.


Janet Roper said...

I'm a first time visitor and I have been enjoying browsing through your blog. What a handsome boy!

Have you heard of Carolyn Resnick? She is a trainer in CA and has worked with the wild horses. Her book is 'Naked Liberty' and, for me, is both enjoyable and a learning experience.

Good luck!
Janet Roper